Mick is a former laborer, professional boxer, addiction counselor & skeptic who moved to NYC at 48 and began doing standup and acting. Since then his dark, skewed way of looking at relationships, the news, addiction, and life in general have made him a favorite with audiences. To see some of Mick’s standup go to Clips (above). 

     He’s also appeared on Amazon Prime’s ‘Hunters’, AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, Inside Amy Schumer, and is a contributing writer to ‘The Idiot’s Guide to Jokes’, Jest Magazine, The Huffington Post and thecomedyconsultant.com

     He’s completed filming the web-series ‘Mick: ‘Don’t Be So Positive’, written & directed by Roger Aylward and based  on Mick’s standup comedy.

   Response has been positive and the webseries won Best International Webseries at Dublin’s International Comedy Film Festival and Mick received Special Mention for Best Actor. The series also received an honorable mention award at Worldwide Short Film Festival in London.


To view the 26-minute series click the link below.

To view each episode separately clicks the links below.
01 – Glad I’m Not In Therapy
02 – I Can’t Care More Than You
03 – I’ll Tell The Kids
04 – Therapists Are Not Supposed To Act Like That
05 – You Have Regulars
06 – Enough To Make You Drink
07 – His Wife was Inconsolable
08 – A Letter From Mick